Research Based on Proven Results

Cape Ann Capital's research process is designed to identify the most skillfully managed mutual funds in the country with a minimum 10-year track record.

Using technology introduced by Professor William F. Sharpe, the Nobel Laureate from Stanford University, Cape Ann Capital is able to identify the top 1-2% of all mutual funds available to U.S. investors. This subset is then manually and methodically reviewed based on additional factors, such as investment process, corporate culture, management tenure, expense ratios, turnover and load structure to arrive at a final basket of funds. Typically, this basket is comprised of 15 to 25 funds or enough funds to deliver all of the exposures and appropriate diversification to meet the desired benchmarks.

Cape Ann Capital identifies managers who have been able to outperform their benchmarks with a consistency and longevity beyond mere short-term or coincidental results. We exclusively use mutual fund managers with at least 10-year track records and a high degree of statistical confidence that the returns were achieved through skill, rather than luck.

This list of only skillful managers is then tailored to serve each client’s long-term asset allocation goals by leveraging certain funds and avoiding others. As markets shift, Cape Ann Capital proactively reassesses portfolio asset allocations to realign with targeted goals.

To learn more about our research process, please contact us directly.