Intersecting Technology and Investments for Better Outcomes

Cape Ann Capital was founded in 1999 to provide investment advisory services to individuals and institutions.

The firm was established to utilize the advanced benchmarking method developed by Professor William F. Sharpe, the Nobel Laureate from Stanford University.

The nature of risk may be the single most important argument for the use of quantitative analysis in investment management.
— William F. Sharpe, Nobel Prize winner

In the late 1980s, Sharpe developed a new method of assessing the asset allocation history of a manager and for converting that history into a unique benchmark for that manager. In Sharpe's words, the technique provides a way to create “order out of chaos” in the search for skilled managers.

At Cape Ann Capital, we utilize Sharpe’s mathematical formulas, in combination with other factors, to help us identify which mutual fund managers have outperformed peers historically, and which are more likely to do so again in the future. Cape Ann has built on Sharpe’s technique over the years through our own innovative computer-based processes, establishing a proven track record of success.

Our 15-year track record speaks volumes of our ability to weather the investing storms by maintaining a consistent and steady course for our clients.

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