A Guiding Light in a Sea of Conflicted Advice

Cape Ann Capital’s philosophy is encompassed in the dual lighthouses depicted in our logo.

Lighthouses cast a beacon of light shining across dangerous waters to help captains steer their vessels to safe passage. Historically, a keeper tended to lighthouses, often placing their own safety second to maintaining the light, at all times and in all conditions.

Twin Lighthouses on Thacher Island, Rockport, Massachusetts

Twin Lighthouses on Thacher Island, Rockport, Massachusetts

As a business founded along New England’s rugged coast, we’re inspired by the legacy of our lighthouses and their keepers. The two lighthouses on our logo are known as the Thacher Island Twin Lights on Cape Ann. Dual, or sister lighthouses, are extremely rare in this region, yet provide significant advantages over single lighthouses. Two lighthouses provide captains with an additional reference point and improve their likelihood of a safe passage. In addition, when these two lighthouses, North Light and South Light, are in direct alignment, they point due north.

At Cape Ann Capital, we guide our clients as they navigate the choppy and challenging waters of the investing world. Like the builders of the Thacher Island Twin Lights, we are firm believers that when a decision is to be made, two reference points are better than one.

In addition to the symbolism of the Thacher Island lighthouses, Cape Ann Capital subscribes to a core set of values that permeates our work.

Trust the system. Validate the data.

Cape Ann’s investment process requires building and maintaining a level of trust with an inanimate object – technology. We have trust in the power of statistics, which is essential to our success. However, we do not let that trust cloud our judgment of the data and results. We believe analytics, combined with our knowledge and expertise, is more powerful than either alone.

Treating others the way we’d want to be treated.

As fiduciaries, we’re obligated by governing laws and regulations to do what’s best for our clients. More importantly, as honest and transparent professionals, we’re bound by our own conscience to always do what’s right by our clients, even when no one is looking.

Access to people, funds, and answers.

Cape Ann takes pride in providing clients with direct access to its professional team as well as direct access to leading investment funds. We believe firmly that we should charge a fair and reasonable, but not an exorbitant fee for our services. Our clients deserve access to the right answers and in a timely manner.

To learn more about Cape Ann Capital's philosophy, please contact us directly.