Personalized Portfolios to Meet Individual Benchmarks

As professional investors, we’ve learned that no two clients are exactly alike. Unfortunately, many individuals are handed a cookie-cutter solution from an investment professional and are expected to find the offering palatable.

At Cape Ann Capital, we’ve designed our entire approach to be highly customized to meet each individual’s needs. The customization reflects not just their future goals, but also their past and their present. As a result of these ongoing conversations with clients, we’re better able to guide them in defining their risk tolerance and a unique risk profile, which then allows us to develop personalized benchmarks and portfolios truly unique to their needs.

Some of our clients have asked, why don’t you try a cookie-cutter approach like the other firms? They tell us it's fast and easy. They may be right. But there are always exceptions to the rule and for us, that’s not good enough. We want to create solutions designed to withstand the test of time for each and every client.

To discuss your individual investment needs, please contact us directly.