Robust Reporting & Industry-Leading Custody Solutions

At Cape Ann Capital, we welcome specific client needs and requests as it helps differentiate our services. Simply put, we provide personalized performance reporting far beyond what most of our competitors would handle. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that our clients understand their portfolios and we will do anything we can to help them through this process.

Our performance reporting and custody solutions are central to our firm’s core values. Our stringent procedures in both of these areas are critical to ensuring we meet our responsibilities and obligations as fiduciaries and adhere to the guidelines set forth by our firm.

Cape Ann Capital’s performance review and reporting procedures are a multi-step process that includes numerous checks and balances. Cape Ann Capital routinely reviews the assets in each portfolio and analyzes the performance to determine if adjustments need to be made in order to bring the risk tolerance in line with the client’s specific risk profile. In addition, Cape Ann Capital regularly reviews its "buy list," which is the final approved list of mutual funds identified by the firm's rigorous selection process. From there, each fund’s performance is assessed, as is the fund’s future risks, and compared to other funds available in the marketplace.

Cape Ann Capital provides individual performance reports on a monthly basis to all clients. In addition, we routinely provide custom, tailored reports to address any questions clients may have relative to their specific assets or circumstances. Our robust software provides clients access to deep performance analytics and insights.

Cape Ann Capital goes to great lengths to ensure the accuracy and safety of the assets it manages. One of the key ways we accomplishes this is by using several industry-leading custodians. A custodian benefits clients and financial advisors.

As a registered investment adviser, Cape Ann Capital manages, but does not have custody of, our clients’ assets. Cape Ann’s clients’ assets are securely held by outside custodians—and in this case, they are some of the largest, most stable financial firms in the world—who provide personal monthly statements and provide investors with complete and uninterrupted access to their assets and accounts. Our clients typically use TD Ameritrade Institutional as their primary custodian. We can also incorporate retirement plans into our portfolio reporting, including other custodians such as TIAA.

To learn more about our reporting and custody solutions, please contact us directly.