A Rules-Based Approach to Investing

Cape Ann Capital is an independent financial firm that leverages both technology and experienced investment professionals to make better, more informed decisions.

Since its inception in 1999, Cape Ann has embraced advancements in technology and applied these innovations to the design of risk-sensitive investment portfolios that aim to consistently outperform their benchmarks. The firm ascribes to a rules-based process to investing and its performance over time demonstrates the merits of this approach.*

→ Our Philosophy

In many ways, we are contrarians. We designed our company to fix what we saw were flaws with traditional money management firms. We aren’t perma-bulls or perma-bears. In fact, we aren’t perma-anything. We don’t push or sell products. We don’t hold your hand and then cover your eyes. We don’t use moving targets for benchmarks. And, we don’t pretend to know what’s around the corner. Needless to say, we’re not very popular at gatherings of our peers. That’s okay with us. We’re more interested in your thoughts on how we do things than on our competitors’ views.

Client Service Approach

Our firm appeals to individuals, families, nonprofits and foundations seeking an investment solution rooted in metrics and analytics, rather than instincts and intuition. We combine our calculating approach with a customized, personal service model that addresses the needs of each client as an individual.

→ Our Team

At Cape Ann Capital, employees and their immediate family members have substantially all of their investable assets managed by the firm, using the same methods employed for our clients. Does your financial advisor do that?

Investment Process

Our investment process is part quantitative and part qualitative and is designed to take advantage of both the sophisticated technology available today and our decades of investment experience. We’ve yet to see a firm with a process identical to ours. We encourage you to read our materials, and we’d be glad to walk you through the process on the phone or in person.

To learn more about Cape Ann Capital, please contact us directly.

*Past performance may not be indicative of future results. Every investment program has the potential for loss as well as profit. Results are not guaranteed.